Transportation / Automotive

Transportation / Automotive

Electrical design and documentation for the automotive market

Within the market segment ‘transportation’, E³.series offers superior functionality combined with ease of use compared with other sold solutions.

Proven superior functionality as many world leading companies within this market segment selected E³.cable/E³.formboard for their Electics & Harness design during the last few years.

Beneficial features

  • one system; – ’overall’ as well as ’detailed’ engineering
  • true object handling; block diagram, schema and harness layout
  • assure quality throughout documentation changing objects once
  • integrated electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic design
  • complete harness design including interface to 3D routing solutions
  • integrated harness manufacturing module (’formboard’/’nailboard’)
  • sharing development ressources working in a MultiUser environment
  • hierarcical design ; ’Top Down’ – ’Bottom-Up’ systems design
  • proven technology used by world leading companies
  • load signals & connector data from your PCB design systems
  • unique rule-based handling of options and variants
  • revision management with well documented revision history
  • topology designer
  • functional design
  • automatic wiring generator
  • interface to simulation/analyze
  • communicate relevant engineering data from/to databases, excel, etc.
  • direct access to datasheets and certificates relevant to included equipment



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