– Long experience with good solutions

We can assist companies wishing to evaluate the opportunities and earnings potential that the company can achieve by improving existing systems and procedures.

We feel it is not unusual to help companies to achieve 25-70% efficiency improvement (time, quality, etc.) by together define and implement measures.


CCS has skilled resources that in general can assist with services related to engineering solutions wirthin in electromechanical industry.

We can help you with:

  • studies to likely make the ROI by making changes in the engineering process
  • system integration by the introduction of new engineering solutions
  • start-up assistance to minimize or eliminate the negative effect of the introduction of new solution
  • development/adaptation of interfaces (; PDM, ERP, configurators, eng.-databases, etc..)
  • programming/adaptation of the system environment for optimum effect
  • building libraries/databases
  • standard or company-specific training courses
  • etc

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