A complete solution for distributing components in the system and evaluating harnesses and sub-harnesses.

E³.topology is integrated with E³.cable and supports the developer from the first sketches to the complete schematic drawing. 

On scaled sheets the target system is outlined, the possible installation spaces defined and the valid connection pathways between installation spaces are created.

Later, the connections generated will contain all the wires and cables belonging to one harness.  

Visualize and test equipment placement with E³.topology

Save time by working with planning and equipment placement at the same time.
E³.topology is integrated with E³.cable and supports design from the sketch stage, to complete completed form documentation.
On top of a scaled topology drawing, you can place their system components in different ‘installation spaces’ and establish pathways between them – where the different signals / links should be routed.
Then you will be able to communicate all defined executives from the connection diagram to the various cable harness that will be included and documented.


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