E³.standard interface

E³.standard interface

E³ is a modern system that has a range of standard interfaces to communicate with other solutions.

E³ is a modern system that has a range of standard interfaces to communicate with other solutions.


E³.series includes the ‘3D Cabinet Layout Design ‘. 

Additionally E³.series offers standard interfaces to most 3D systems on the market. 

Relevant data which may be interfaced; 
• Cabinet/module/model layout topology (via STEP) 
• Detailed electrical-/connection/-wire- data for special cable design (Harness Design) 
Most of the interface exists and can be ordered from E³ Product List (E³.3Dbridge)


Many companies already have ERP/PLM/PDM/EDM solutions installed and integrated with their business systems. 
E³.series is a modern and open system that can be integrated with these solutions using.

E³.series Application Program Interface (API). E³.series already offers a selection of pre-developed interfaces to selected solutions on the market (;and if that does not exist, it will be possible to develop this specifically using the system’s API). 

Relevant modules:

  • Document Management
  • BOM
  • Item Management
  • Mechatronics
    • Agile
    • Aras
    • Aton
    • Auric
    • Documentum/ECM
    • PTC Windchill
    • SAP
    • SolidWorksPDM
    • SmarTeam
    • Teamcenter


With E³.series you may generate most any error free input required for a company individual manufacturing process.


In general, – E³.series may generate/communicate :

  • any type of list/report flexible in regards to content & format (;El/Aut.& Process)
  • interface to ERP/PDM/EDM / configurators (;sales/logistics/’lifecycle’/purchasing/documentation)
  • revision management and change control (;traceability)
  • calculations, verifications and simulation/analysis
  • etc..

 Cable Design

  • Interface to the 3D ‘Routing solutions’
  • 2D Harness Layout & 1:1 Nailboard Drawings
  • Wire, cut & marking machines
  • Interface for Zuken’s Topology Designer

PANEL Design

  • CNC sheet metal machines Drilling & Cutout
  • Wire cut & marking machines


  • PLC I/O Export-Import programming units
  • Interface to 3D Hydraulic/Pneumatic Routing solutions
  • After sales/Commissioning
  • Integrated Redline & Markup tools
  • Spare-part & equipment version overview


E³.series can be integrated to market standard or self-designed configuration solutions to automatically generate the necessary main- & sub-documentation. This provides extreme savings in time for the generation of order-specific documentation.

By using E³ Unique Variant & Option-handling you minimizes the number of basic modules and work to maintain these.

To check whether your specific configuration solution can be used as ‘front-end’ to the E³, – just contact us.

Export & Import

E³.series supports the export & import to various standard file formats. 
In order to be able have the reuse of data, migrate the old with the new design, as well as satisfy customers’ requirements to receive the documentation electronically in specified format – it is important that E³ export and import most file formats as the market demands.

Caprio Drawing File (*. DFC)Part File (*. e3p)
Part File (*. e3p)DXF / DWG
DDS-C schematicDGN
Drawing File (* e3d)Image
E-PLAN (*. EXF) 
VarCAD File 
Redlining Information


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