Especially adapted for making electronic design.

E³.logic is integrated to Zuken’s other systems for the PCB design; CadStar and CR5000, and can transfer data to these and other PCB design systems for execution of the print circuit board layout (PCB Layout).

E³.logic is object oriented, based on the same modern technology that E³ with the same simple user interface and all the features you would expect.

E³.logic lets you quickly design your printed circuit board logically (schematics), and have every opportunity to communicate data further in the process (whether it is the E³.cable for wiring/cable harness or other solutions).

Functions in E³.logic:

  • Define pad stacks and production technologies in the database
  • Hierarchical design – nesting to any depth
  • Use proofed schematic modules
  • Supports busses and bus pins for clearly arranged designs
  • Dynamic symbols with interfaces to FPGA Design Tools
  • Define net route codes, net classes and spacing classes
  • Predefine test points and back annotate test point positions
  • Direct transfer of interface connector and signals to E3.cable
  • Forward/backward annotation and


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