E³.cable includes the software module E³.schematic.

E³.cable is an object-oriented solution based on Windows® – allowing a simple and effective design of your product and/or terminal. 

E³.cable is a tool for professional users where it is necessary to show the same object in different presentations/documentation formats simultaneously. 

E³.cable is used specifically for the design of machinery, marine terminals, automotive, transportation and aerospace. E³. Cable offers unique functionality for all custom designed hoses plug connections (harnesses). E³.Cable allows easy integration between electronics (black boxes / blocks), and the threads together and the ‘outside world’.

Total control from initial concept to manufacturing

Hoses, individual ducts, liners, ‘bundles’ cross pairs, segments red-/total- specifications and lengths, etc. can be easily managed in E³.Cable. The extra module E³.Formboard allows you to generate the template documentation hose manufactured 1:1 (‘nailboard’).


To transfer data from the hose and hardware to allow a 3D view of the hose into the 3D assembly, you can use E³ 3Dbridge for link a wide range of systems on the marketleading 3D.


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