E³.series is a module based software, so you can create your own solution.

E³.cable is the premium version of E³.series

- to generate circuit diagrams, terminal lists, equipment lists, cable lists, connection tables and more.

- to generate hydraulic, pneumatic and process circuit diagrams.

- for anyone who needs to place and connect the equipment in cabinets, control panels, mounting plates and switchgears.

- a complete solution for distributing components in the system and evaluating harnesses and sub-harnesses.

- an add-on to E³.cable

- a module for being able to view and additionally do 'redlining' in the documentation generated with E³.

- offers you to configure which modifications are protocolled (;“unimportant” modifications can be filtered out). 

- allows you to produce electrical system diagrams automatically.

-  configure your design in the most efficient way...

- supports exporting to PDF ('intelligent'. pdf format).

- a full version of E³.series which may be purchased from approved educational institutions.

E³ is a modern system that has a range of standard interfaces to communicate with other solutions.

- especially adapted for making electronic design.

- a free 'viewer' to search, view & print documentation (project-database) generated with E³.

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