MCAD beacomes partner with CIM-Team in Sweden

Article from the Swedish paper "Verkstadsforum":

MCAD, which is a major supplier of CAD- and PDM solutions to several large manufacturing and processing industries in southern Sweden, is the new partner to CIM-Team with E3 CAD for electrical, hydraulics and pneumatics.


VF met President Anders Larsson of Lund (pictured below):

- We've worked for many years with AutoCAD Electrical and ELPROCAD, but has recently received several requests for solutions based on an underlying component database. The election has gone to E3.series, that demonstrated that it has the solutions needed here, and we believe that there is a growing need for this type of solutions.

Uniform component database

Although the products are partly competing, he sees it more as separate segments. Type example is the design of cabling, nailboards and CNCstyrenheter where E3 makes it possible to configure the proprietary solutions, while getting support for the necessary documentation.
- Large companies with complex operations in several countries often have much to gain from working with a uniform component database rather than just plotting symbols.


He sees a growing need for tailored solutions to this group of companies and provides overall grip.
Companies have grown with partners like Autodesk and Siemens software and various hardware companies and increased its turnover by 46% in five years and was previously appointed to the Gazelle companies in DI.

The same trend is true for the CIM-Team, which in 2011 was named Super Company of VA - itself a consequence of the German Zuken, behind E3, has grown faster than El CAD market since 2001.

- I see great opportunities. But we do not yet know how big. Clearly, in any case that E3 is already a well established system of devices such as ABB and that among the companies in our target group often has the critical mass that makes it interesting with special adaptations. So this, we naturally develop.

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